interactive AV equipment in schools IrelandFor over a decade, technology has been gradually transforming the education sector. The increased variety of equipment and software means that technology is no longer restricted to the ICT classroom. Many schools are now using display and projection equipment to enhance the learning experience through visual and interactive activities in every subject. But with the constant evolution of technology, schools often find themselves under pressure to keep up with recent trends, while also having to weigh up the benefits with the cost of investment. The importance of Interactive AV Equipment in schools Ireland should not be underestimated.


Interactive audio-visual equipment helps in improving learning in education in the following ways:

  • They make it easy for teachers to enhance presentation content by easily integrating a wide range of material into a lesson e.g. a picture from the internet, and teacher annotations on these objects.
  • They allow teachers to create easily and rapidly customized learning objects from a range of existing content and to adapt it to the needs of the class in real-time.
  • They allow learners to absorb information more easily.
  • They allow learners to participate in group discussions by freeing them from note-taking.
  • They allow learners to work collaboratively around a shared task or work area.
  • When fully integrated into a VLE (virtual learning environment) and learning object repository there is potential for widespread sharing of resources.
  • When used for interactive testing of understanding for the entire class, they can rapidly provide learner feedback.


Audio-visual technologies will play a huge role in the future of schools thanks to the development of technology and the increasing body of evidence which proves its ability to improve learning and future employment prospects.

Prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology.

A wide selection of AV tools make teaching and learning a rich and enjoyable experience, inspire learners with creative and innovative multimedia activities, and will also save time in lesson preparation.

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