Sharp XE-A113 – Easy To Read Large LED Display

The large seven digit LED display is incorporated to clearly show price, total, change and time. Four Pre-programmed Departments Four departments have been pre-programmed to minimise set-up time. Two of them are preset for non-taxable items. Flash Reporting By simply turning the key to the Flash mode and pressing one key, the store manager can get a quick look at the day’s sales.

The Flash report can quickly display sales totals by department or for the whole store as well as the cash in drawer amount. Two VAT or Tax Rates The VAT/Tax function enables instant and accurate tax calculation. A pre-programmed VAT/Tax rate is recalled for each item and the calculation is automatically performed. Manual VAT is available for specific tax calculations*. Please consult your dealer about the type of VAT/Tax Basic Calculator Function A memory-equipped calculator function for whole number calculations can be activated with the mode switch.

This is ideal for determining separate tabs on bills etc. Battery Backup For Memory Protection The data in the XE-A113 can be preserved even if a power failure occurs (when fitted with the optional SUM-3 [AA batteries) .

Sleek Modern Design The XE-A113 is ergonomically designed providing excellent operability.

  • 1-station thermal printer
  • 6 line programmable Logo message
  • Programming “HELP” key function
  • 50 Departments with 12 digits text
  • Up to 200 PLUs with 12 digits text
  • Daily and periodical transaction report
  • Pop-up customer display
    Electronic journal

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