Affordable EPOS system designed around you

Our electronic EPOS system is powerful, simple to use and more cost-effective than traditional till systems.

Sharp have been producing high quality Electronic Cash Registers and Electronic Point of Sale terminals for over 30 years.  This is Why they are a trusted brand for any retail and hospitality business.

There is no doubt about the importance of integrating a POS system for retail businesses. A EPOS is responsible for processing hundreds and thousands of transactions, and a receipt printer has the role of printing the receipts for customers at the point the transaction occurs.

As a retailer, your EPOS system is the most important part of your business, the nerve centre of your entire retail operation.

For small and medium sized restaurants and cafes, we can help grow your revenues and improve your margins. Its easy-to-use interface is simple for staff to use while powerful features give you the tools to deliver top quality customer experience.

We have a product to suit the needs of any hospitality and retail business. Your POS powers your business’ payment process, so it needs to deliver the speed, security and choice that your customers expect. Our EPOS solutions are designed to be customer-centric: accept all major cards and alternative payment methods and even go mobile, taking payments from anywhere in your store, restaurant or bar. Whatever you need from your POS, we have the answer.

We aim to give you the best solution created for the needs of your specific business and all at the great price. Proactively manage your restaurants online reputation with our powerful solution.

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