Operator chairs

Our high backed operator chairs strike the perfect balance of form and function. Knowing what our clients need – that’s what we’re good at. And we move quickly.

We make great-quality, solid products. We’re specialists and our passion for this business is your guarantee. We also know how important service is. We get the job done as quickly as possible, and we pride ourselves on doing it well.

When you spend so much time at your desk, you need a solution that suits you down to the ground – without compromising on style. We have office seating for every office or domestic environment, including supportive high-back office chairs and stylish fabric-covered office chairs.

Our operator chairs are ideal for those who work at a computer desk. Available in a range of ergonomic designs, we provide a variety of styles of operator chairs to match your decor and suit your needs. Even if you work from home, our task chairs can be used to complete your home office setup, providing a comfortable seating arrangement that is practical too. Our operator chairs pair perfectly with our home computer desks and desks for laptops.

Also known as task chairs, operator style office chairs are found in most offices. Whilst cheaper than other more premium models, they possess many ergonomic features. Indeed, their functionality is in their name. Designed to aid the task of operator type professions, for example typists, their upright shape supports an ergonomic seating position for those working at a computer all day. Shaped to the natural s-shape of the spine, they encourage good posture and provide quality lumbar support, with an adjustable tilt backrest so each user can vary the position of the back for their comfort.

A gas lift mechanism in the frame provides variable height, a great feature if multiple people could be using the chair as each user can adjust it to their individual requirements.  Practical designs with a simple no fuss look, they cut a slim silhouette and are well-liked for their compact shape that makes them perfect for busy offices where space is tight.