Interactive Screens

Audio visual systems have revolutionised business communication and school learning process. With more and more teams working remotely, and ever-increasing demands on our time, it’s often no longer practical to get everyone together for a traditional on-site meeting. Audio visual communication systems mean that clients and staff can interact effectively even if they need to be elsewhere physically. Whether you’re a CEO who is looking for a simple system to make presentations to a remote team or prospective client, or you want a meeting room equipped with the tools to allow for informed decisions to be made quicker, there are a wealth of audio visual solutions, such as interactive screens, available to enhance communications.

Over the years we’ve installed hundreds of communications systems that have helped our client’s businesses to operate more effectively.

Choose from leading brands in interactive industry.

Protouch is a great solution for your business. Our touchscreens are designed for professional applications and continuous use. The interactive boards are easy to integrate.

ProTouch is a series of  interactive screens, equipped with everything that’s needed: high quality panel with UHD resolution,
Android system with useful apps, slot for a built-in computer and a set of ports that allow user to connect external device like computers or cameras.

Promethean is a global leader in interactive displays and interactive screens for education that expand student perspectives in the classroom.

Promethean Panel Management provides school IT administrators with one place to go to manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organisations. Easily deploy remote over-the-air updates, enroll new panels, set permissions, and more!