Quality results shouldn’t get in the way of a busy day. We’ve created laminators that warm up faster and deliver superior results. Make it easy to make a great impression.

For the home, personal laminators are ideal for home crafting projects and seasonal holiday projects that become annual keepsakes. They are also useful for creating reusable and dry erase home organizers customized to your household.

Small and home office laminators protect business documents and meet demands for more frequent laminating. Small businesses may be laminating reusable signage to be used on construction sites or at corporate events. The office laminator becomes useful for also creating reusable documents such as office planners, calendars and phone lists.

General office laminators meet the highest demands from businesses who laminate the most often. Handouts at trade shows and leave-behinds are just some of the documents a large office needs to create and protect.

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