Paper cutters are used for all sorts of activities including graphic design projects from personalized invitations and business cards to handmade booklets and flyers. Paper cutters are ideal when cutting large stacks of paper at one time.

The precision of the blade is critical for achieving an even, accurate cut that doesn’t leave frayed edges.

To choose the best paper cutter for your tasks, consider how much paper you will be cutting on a regular basis. Cutters, depending on cut width, manage stacks of paper from 10-40 sheets. High quality stainless steel blades ensure an accurate cut every time. Be sure the cutter includes a variable paper clamp to maintain cutting precision. The base of the cutter should be solid with skid-proof rubber feet. A sturdy work surface prevents the slightest movement from throwing off an even cut. Safety is also critical to working with paper cutters. The blades are very sharp and a good paper cutter should come equipped with proper safety guards to prevent accidents and injuries.

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