Monitor Stands

Monitor Stands for your computer monitor or laptop may be necessary if you find you are experiencing neck or shoulder pain while you work at your desk. Monitor risers elevate your monitor to the ideal height to prevent the aches and pains that come with daily computer use.

Monitor risers help with conditions like vulture neck, an unconscious drooping of the head forward to see the contents on your screen. This position over time leads to chronic neck and shoulder pain, even after you leave the office. With a monitor riser, you can place your monitor ideally 20 to 35 inches away from you. The top of the screen should be slightly above eye level.

Aside from the ergonomic benefits of using a monitor stands, there are also organizational advantages. Many monitor stands include built-in storage drawers for office supplies or designs that also accommodate laptop integration with desktop monitors.

Using a laptop also can have consequences from hand and arm pain to neck strain. Using your laptop with the proper riser can help alleviate many of these conditions. Laptop risers are designed to place your laptop at a secure and comfortable viewing angle. A good laptop riser should also have design features that allow the laptop to stay cool.

Many of us use laptops on our laps or away from our desks. There are risers to help make this working situation comfortable as well. Risers for the lap position the laptop for enhanced viewing and typing comfort, no matter how you are using your computer. In many models, there are built-in design features as well to keep the laptop cool.