Electric Standing DeskElectric standing desk – Improve your business with height adjustable desk  

Height adjustable desks (or sit stand desks) allow workers to shift easily from seated to standing positions. They promise healthier, more comfortable, and productive workspace settings for those who use them.   

How does it work?   

Staying fixed in one position can cause brain function to slow down, which makes us less productive over time. But alternating between sitting and standing gets your body’s largest muscle groups working, which increases blood flow to the brain. Workers often report having more energy and less fatigue from using sit stand desks, which enables them to be more productive.  

Standing and moving in small bursts throughout the day increases overall energy levels. 87% of employees using standing desks reported feeling more energetic as a result of standing more during the workday. Standing helps keep energy levels stable, preventing the mid-afternoon slump. Being on your feet also increases alertness, which aids focus and concentration.  

Thanks to the bump in employee productivity (in addition to improved employee health and well-being), companies stand to earn a $3-7 return on investment for every $1 spent on sit-stand office furniture.  


Electric Standing desk is not that new

When you think about some of the most productive people in history, you may automatically think of people like Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ben Franklin, and Ernest Hemingway. While each of these great thinkers provided a different contribution to society, they had one thing in common—they all worked at a standing desk.  

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But in the office design world, they are a relatively new trend.


Sit stand desk around the globe

In Scandinavia, sit stand desks have become ubiquitous. Pre-pandemic, over 90% of workers using computers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark were working at sit stand desks. In fact, in Denmark, it is a legal requirement for companies to offer employees the opportunity to use one.   



The numbers supporting the positive impact standing desks have on productivity are impressive. That’s because there are multiple different physical and psychological benefits of using a standing desk that each contributes to the overall increase in productivity.  

A recent study from the University of Leicester found that 43% of those who switched to a height-adjustable desk reported that their performance had improved after one year of use. The same study found that 52% of those using height-adjustable desks felt more engaged at work after one year. That’s a pretty powerful increase, and one can only imagine the economic benefit that would result from such boosts in productivity.  

Regular use of height-adjustable workstations like the  Lotus DX Sit Stand station and height-adjustable desks may contribute to a more productive workplace and an increase in productivity.  


The popularity of height-adjustable desks has surged recently. As people need to spend more time working on computers, workstations that quickly adjust to accommodate sitting and standing positions may contribute to healthier workdays. Height adjustable desks are a key part of the wider trend to improve the well-being and overall health of employees.  

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