ProtouchToday’s business environment is fast-paced, fuelled by a variety of devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers. These are the devices used to carry out most of our daily operations. The technological advancements of these devices enable companies to boost productivity and deliver premium services and products to their clients. One of the most impactful technologies available today is an interactive display system. Interactive displays can be integrated into an array of devices, depending on your needs. Businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of touch screen technology for customers and employees. At the same time, interactive display for business and schools is becoming more affordable, more accessible, and more reliable, even in wet and outdoor locations.

The result is the growing use of touch screens in shops, workplaces, and public spaces.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that they can bring to your business.


Your audience is used to touch technology, bring it into your meeting rooms and benefit from that familiarity, it’s like a giant tablet on the wall!


People actively participate because the technology is easy and familiar to use, you get more effective and more exciting collaboration on an interactive display – people feel confident getting up and writing or drawing and navigating the content they want. Presenters can deliver dynamic sessions because the learning curve is minimal.

No reams of paper to keep track of, make your notes collectively on screen. Display people’s thinking, use the interactive display to make giant charts or action plans for all to see. Easily move ideas and group things together and enable everyone to see the thinking that is going on in the room, then simply share the file after the meeting; interactive displays can synergise your business processes.

interactive display for business


Interactive displays can help facilitate brainstorming sessions. Make sure the solution you choose includes interactive digital software that can make it easy to get everyone’s ideas down. You can also set up collaboration sessions so that people in the room can connect to the interactive displays using their own devices and collaborate on content interactively.

Easy Maintenance

If you’ve used a projector system, you’ll know that replacement bulbs can be expensive – interactive displays are like PCs, maintenance is minimal. If you’ve got a projector mounted to the ceiling, access to clean the filter can be tricky, an interactive display just needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

A typical projector system with an attached PC uses around 1010w of energy whilst a 55” interactive display with an integrated PC uses around 220w of energy giving you considerable savings on running costs. Crucially, the lifespan is impressive too; if you were to use an interactive display 8 hours a day, 5 days a week it could run for 30,000 hours before needing replacement.


Some of us are visual learners, preferring pictures, videos and diagrams, while others respond to spoken and written word, music, logic, and reasoning, or even physical activities. Interactive displays can give you easy access to the web, apps, software, videos, HD images, sound, drawing and annotation tools and more.


An interactive display with an integrated PC just needs one plug to power it making it flexible. Pairing an interactive display with a mobile floor stand (the installation process is simple and straightforward) means you can move it around as needed giving you a meeting environment or huddle space wherever you need it.


We hope our list gave you an insight into the many benefits you will have from using the interactive display for business, from retail to presentations. No doubt, technology is integrated into every part of our lives so why not use it and bring our business to the next level.

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