As we are all dealing with a second lockdown you might have more time on your hand. We are approaching festive weeks and cleaning and organising your home or office sounds like an amazing idea. Especially with our special offer prices you can get what you need and save money.  Here are top tips to organise your office or home:   

Laminate, laminate, laminate  

Lamination involves attaching a fixed plastic wrapper or cover to the item of paperwork in question, generally for the purposes of safeguarding it against damage and ensuring it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible. The resulting plastic coating around the document can also help to enhance colours and all-around presentability, as well as providing a wipe-clean surface for temporarily marking up the surface using dry-erase pens.  

Office  Laminator 


  • Menu  
  • Project planners  
  • To-do lists  
  • Weekly or Daily work planner  
  • Dry-wipe note boards  


  • Social Distancing Sign  
  • Recycle Sign  
  • Parking Signs  
  • Navigations signs  
  • For Sale sign  
  • Open/Closed  

Home/School Laminator  

If you have a lot of memories laying around the house, it might be time to organise those old kids’ artwork. School holidays and weekends provide the perfect opportunity to take part in a “crafternoon” – especially in miserable weather! For home use, a pouch laminator is an ideal choice for any number of organisational projects, child-friendly craft ideas, or ways to help you around the house. When laminating from home, the sky is the limit as to what you can do!  

From simple DIY laminating projects such as transforming your child’s artwork into an easily cleanable placemat, to creating medication tables or dinner schedules…the possibilities are endless, and only limited by the imagination!  


See templates for many useful ideas that cover office, home, and school.  



Most of us have loads of paperwork that needs to be sorted. Now is the time to conquer the mountain. The easiest way is to sort out is the keep and toss categorisation.    

Before you bin the waste, you might need to consider shredding the documents if they contain important information.   (Check our discounted shredders)

After you get rid of the waste, it is time to deal with the rest. When organising it is useful to think about grouping documents in projects or chronologically. Binding devices are very useful in minimizing the mess and making it way easier to use later on.   

Labels everywhere  

All your paperwork is sorted and grouped and you are just missing a label printer to finish it. Labelling your files, cabinets, or documents will save you and your colleagues time in the future as you don’t need to spend time finding a document. You will have a label that shows you clearly where everything is.   


We hope our tips to organise office or home will be useful in cleaning up loaded paperwork, labelling your brochure cabinets etc. Organised workspace can brings us productivity and effectiveness in our work day.