ELEV 8²The right desk for your office can make your workday go much smoother, while the wrong one can make you miserable. When the time comes to replace your office desk, consider these important points in choosing the best work desk for your needs. 








Define the purpose of the desk 

Mostly computer work: 

Select a desk or workstation specifically designed for computer use. If using a PC, be sure the desk offers space or a compartment to hold the CPU underneath. Look for built-in wiring holes or channels for electrical connections; this allows for a safe way to keep cords out of your way. 


Top tip 

Keyboards need to be placed at a comfortable height. Keyboards placed on traditional desks may be at too high a height and may result in significant discomfort or muscle strain for the user. Computer desks should either be equipped with a keyboard platform, or legs that can be adjusted. Be sure that any keyboard platform is large enough to hold a mouse. 



Choose a desk or workstation that will have the roomiest surface possible so you can accommodate those spreadsheets, bulky books, or piles of important papers. You may also want to consider a desk with shelving or overhead cabinet space. 

Combination of computer work, paperwork, meetings: 

Consider an “L”-shaped desk setup to allow for both work and meeting space. If finances or space allow, a “U”-shaped model will provide even more space and makes an impressive presentation for clients or guests. 

For a home work desk: 

 “L”-shaped desks are often a good solution and fit when your work desk needs to share space in another room like a bedroom or family room. 


Define the shape of the desk 

Whether you are finding a replacement or furnishing a new office, knowing the needs of the space is a must. A desk too large is a waste and might not fit in the space, a desk too small looks odd and prevents you from working to your full capacity. 

Maximise your productivity by selecting a top that suits your working style. This could involve a corner desk which offers plenty of room for those who like to spread out and visualise their work. Ideal for multiple monitors, corner desks can have either a curved corner or a sharp angle, great for making the most out of the office space. 

Many desks are shaped for a specific purpose.  

However, the traditional rectangular desk is the most popular and most sought after desk shape. It is versatile and straight-forward, discreetly blending in with the aesthetic of many office spaces. Many furnishers choose to customise their desk in other ways rather than experimenting with the shape. 


Desk Ergonomics 

  • Your desk should provide clearance for your legs; standard desk heights of 29 to 30 inches from the floor are sufficient for most users. 
  • Sitting behind the desk, there should optimally be at least three-and-a-half feet of space. A minimum of three feet of space should also be available in-between the desk and another piece of office furniture, and in front of the desk if you use a guest/client chair. 
  • Desktop equipment and materials should be within easy and comfortable reach and should have sufficient space so as not to overload the desktop. 
  • If the desk has a sharp edge, consider placing a wrist pad along the edge to help prevent unnecessary pressure and pinching on the inner surface of the wrists. 


Top Tip 

Suffering from Back problems? 

As we’ve all been told, sitting for hours at a time can wreak havoc on a person’s back, especially for individuals with existing back problems. Consider giving your back a break by using a stand-up desk, where you quite literally “stand up” while working. Many users claim this work method also makes them feel more alert and productive on-the-job. Desk stools are also available to be used in conjunction with these desks. 


Today’s desk is no longer the simple table with drawers of years gone by. Take advantage of the myriad of desk choices out there; many now available at relatively reasonable prices. Give some thought to the considerations listed above when selecting your next work desk. It will serve as a valuable tool in establishing a comfortable, ergonomic, and productive workspace. 

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