With the ability to use any mobile device running Android® 7.1.2 or higher, Sharp Remote maintains familiarity while delivering true ease-of-use for staff. The graphical, flexible User Interface (UI) makes it distinctly straightforward to follow an otherwise complicated array of food, drink and promotional options.
Seamlessly integrated with SharpPOS®, SPOS  replicates the existing Point of Sale programming, saving you valuable time training your staff on a unfamiliar new system.

SPOS Remote: Minimum System Requirements
• Mobile Device running Android 7.1.2 or greater
• SharpPOS V4.2.1094
• SPOS Remote must be installed to a machine with the following min specs: Windows 10 Enterprise; 4GB RAM min; 1GB min of available SSD/HDD space

On-site Infrastructure: Minimum Requirements
• WiFi on Android device must be on the same network as the SharpPOS system
• A site survey must be conducted to ensure sufficient Wifi coverage throughout the
whole area where SPOS Remote will be used
• If the customer site is offering free WiFi for customer use, we recommend that this is Network is not to be used

Intuitive Solutions
Bill printing and tab finalisation straight from SPOS Remote, along with faster service through the recognisable SharpPOS® Active Table screen keeps customers satisfied while improving turnaround time.

Features and benefits
• Ideal for any table service environment where fast customer service is needed
• Seamless integration with SharpPOS®
• Superbly easy to follow graphical touchscreen interface
• Quick information ensures dietary requirements and allergies are displayed clearly
• Flexible User Interface incorporates both Grid and List views
• Smart replication of till programming saves time on staff training
• Intuitive interface makes it easy to amend orders from the handheld device
• Tab finalisation and ability to print bills from SPOS Remote creates a much smoother experience for the customer
• Quick and easy to set up! Absolutely no need for custom lists

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