secure your businessIs your business vulnerable? Data is valuable and, in an increasingly digital world, customer information can be just as attractive as the money in a cash register.  Not sure how to secure your business? Don’t worry, we have an answer for you. 

Lack of business safety can cause massive interruptions to day-to-day operations. Without the proper security and procedures, businesses leave themselves open to the consequences of such invasions, which are at best frustrating and irreparable.  

As damaging as threats to a business’s data can be, they’re also easily avoidable when you have the appropriate safeguards in place. If you want to ensure business continuity and safety, investing in the right methods is essential.  


Cyber security  

Malicious software can cause massive amounts of data damage without you even knowing about it.   

You must protect yourself from malware through the following:  

  • Apply the firewall  
  • PC protection  
  • Clean emails  


Make sure to update  

Hackers love to exploit the vulnerabilities of older versions of your favorite software. Updating security settings, operating systems, and other software to their latest versions can prevent disruption.   

TOP TIP: Set automatic updates to further safeguard against potential threats.  secure your business (2)


Keep your Wireless Network Secure  

Strengthen your router by using the strongest encryption setting you can protect your business, and turn off the broadcasting function to make your network invisible. Hackers can’t hack what they can’t see.  


Safeguard passwords  

Even something as simple as a password can be used to fortify your data. They might be a nuisance to remember, but the more complex your passwords, the more protection you can provide. And don’t forget to change them frequently.  

TOP TIP: Make your passwords at least eight characters long, and embed numbers and other non-standard characters.  


Don’t forget physical security  

Just because we’re living in a digital age doesn’t mean that security simply means digital security.

There are numerous levels of security that are important to think about.  


Dispose of data properly  

Having the appropriate measures in place to dispose of data that is no longer required is a critical factor in reducing the risk of a security breach.  

Reused devices and storage media need to be properly removed to ensure that confidential company data can’t be retrieved and won’t fall into the wrong hands.  

The information you keep should be protected, and properly dispose of what you no longer need. That’s why you need a shredder. Businesses around the world hold information from their clients and other companies.  

And most of the time, this sensitive information is printed on paper documents. Think about invoices, insurance documents, customer lists, etc. To protect your business from data theft, we recommend securely destroying all confidential documents before discarding them.  

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Make security everyone’s business – Educate  


Make security everyone’s business

To protect your business, educate your employees about data security. Let them know how you rely on them to keep everything from customer data to password protection secure. Security is not just a matter of strategy or technology; it’s also about making sure everybody feels responsible for keeping the workplace safe.  

Making sure everyone in your business understands the company security policy is important. Regular gatherings that educate and remind will help staff stay vigilant in addressing security threats.   


Plan Unplanned  

Create a plan for the practice to provide business protection. A clear, comprehensive policy covering pertinent data deletion, location tracking, Internet monitoring issues, remote work, use of personal devices, etc.  


Or let others plan?  

Many business owners fall into the trap of thinking they can handle everything themselves. Often that can be overwhelming and could compromise the safety of a business. Why risk it when you can have professional care for it worry-free?   

Leave security to the professionals who understand its intimate workings so that you can focus on what’s important: your business.  

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