School equipment special offer

We are happy to bring this great School equipment offer to you. Get ready for the next school year in time! You can get high quality school equipment at great prices and save money  for other projects.

ProTouch Interactive Screens

Get your ProTouch Interactive Screen from as little as €9.95 per week, ex. VAT

ProTouch is a series of  interactive screens, equipped with everything that’s needed: high quality panel with UHD resolution, Android system with useful apps, slot for a built-in computer and a set of ports that allow user to connect external device like computers or cameras.
The series will be a perfect fit for education where it will become a multimedia learning centre in every classroom, allowing more interaction with educational content.

Cusken merged the state-of-the-art technology of interactive displays with a full array of innovative, exclusive services. This system introduces whole-new possibilities for the education world and allows better interactions during classes, enhanced tools for training and education and improved means of communication between the teacher and its students.

Audio visual systems have revolutionised business communication and school learning process.

To get 100% of your Interactive screen check out our Balance Box mounts too.

More about ProTouch

Toshiba & Protouch



Toshiba Printing solutions

“ Toshiba offers a full range of machines to suit YOUR needs with a price that will suit YOUR budget”

Rent it • • • Lease it • • •Buy it

The choice is YOUR’s

The Toshiba photocopiers have a reputation for being reliable, high quality and packed with great features. The combination of speed, quality and durability makes Toshiba one of the top photocopier manufacturers for businesses. Toshiba photocopiers are powerful, reliable and versatile so no matter which one suits your business best, you know the quality will be high.

Whatever the size of your organisation or school, we offer a wide selection of smart and secure MFPs and printers to help you work more efficiently.

Toshiba is a well known brand and for very good reason, they provide excellent photocopiers that you know will be reliable and produce a profession, high quality finish to your documents.

Open Toshiba Photocopiers

Open Toshiba Printers

Toshiba e-STUDIO400AC is leading the way!

Toshiba e-STUDIO400AC will change the way you think about printing. Full featured A4 colour machine with all the featured of its big brother A3 but with an amazing 116 duplex scan facility. Basically, it does every single thing that a full blown machine does, only in A4 size. And not taking as much space!

High Performance A4 Colour MFP. Superior Quality

  • Colour Multifunction Printer Up to 40 PPM
  • Boasting 116 pages per minute full colour scan speed
  • Small Workgroup Copy, Print, Scan, Fax Secure MFP Solutions Ready
  • Restricted access to user sites and lists with login security

More about e-STUDIO400AC

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