Retail Weighing ScalesRetail Weighing Scales or Point of sale (POS) scales are used by different types of merchants that charge for their items by weight, including supermarkets, delis, jewellers, fishmongers, coffee shops, self-service restaurants and buffets, butchers, candy stores, and more. Whether you’re dealing in pounds of fruit or ounces of gold, scales measure the weight of a customer’s purchase, calculate the price accurately, and help track inventory. And the number of possibilities – although very useful to obtain the most adequate solution for each case – makes it harder to choose a Retail Weighing Scale for your retail company. With so many alternatives, it becomes hard to realize which one offers the most advantages. Here is the list of things to think about before narrowing down your scale wish list.

Analyse the products
The dimensions, the weight, and other characteristics of your articles are determining traits to consider to reach a successful decision. Before you purchase POS scales, identify how they’re going to be used and what you need to weigh. Are you dealing with fresh produce, bulk candy, and meat, or items like mail and packages? Are most of your products heavy or light? Large or small?

Integration to your system
Adding a scale doesn’t mean you need a whole new POS system, so check your current system and see what connectivity options it has and go from there. Look at the operating system and make sure you choose a scale that’s compatible with what you already have.

Evaluate the surroundings
There are a lot of factors related to space that should impact your decision on the scale that you’ll use on your business. Before choosing the weighing equipment you’ll install, you should, therefore, check out the exact location where you intend to use it. Different commercial spaces or even different departments of the same business may require different scales. In the case of fishmongers or fruit shops/areas, where the environment is more humid, you may benefit from acquiring a suspension scale, developed to be more resistant on locations with a higher rate of humidity.

Hope these tips help in your search but always have in mind it is easier to find when you have the advice of an expert. Therefore, we are more than happy to answer any of the enquiries you might have.

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