Venus 2 A3 Laminator

The Fellowes Venus 2 A3 is a high performance office laminator for a variety of professional applications. With InstaHeat Technology it warms up in just 30 seconds and AutoSense technology detects pouch thickness and then self adjusts to the optimal laminating setting. The Venus 2 A3 features a 320mm entry width for laminating large format documents and a user-friendly LCD control panel for trouble-free operation. The carrier-free, 6-roller system ensures high quality lamination for documents and photos. The Venus A3 includes multiple temperature settings for laminating pouches from 80 to 250 microns thick and a cold setting for laminating heat sensitive materials in self-adhesive pouches.

  • AutoSense detects pouch thickness and self adjusts to the optimal laminating setting
  • Ready to laminate in as little as 30-60 seconds with InstaHeat Technology
  • Laminates an 80 micron A4 pouch in as little as 14 seconds (1350mm/min)
  • Robust 6-roller laminator for superior lamination quality, can laminate all pouches up to 250 microns (2×250)
  • Advanced Pouch Tracking System detects potential paper jams and automatically reverses, allowing the user to re-align the pouch
  • Feed IQ system indicates to the user when the next pouch can be inserted
  • Simple 1-touch user interface

The Venus 2 A3 is extremely fast and can laminate an A4 pouch in as little as 18 seconds. The machine features a green light and audible beep signal when the laminator is ready. A reverse mode disengages the pouch for re-centring or removal. Also an auto shut-off prevents overheating when not in use.

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