Tripod screens are ideal for projected images on the move, moving pictures so to speak! Smart, slim housing with legs that are retracted when not in use so easy to carry. Tripod legs have good spread when open and rubber feet for stability. Format and height of screen can be adjusted to suit the projected image and the audience position. Extended arm at top allows screen to be angled forward for keystone illumination with projected images.

Quatropod screen on a movable stand are suitable for projectors of higher quality which enables a larger picture. However, this picture demands a bigger projection screen, but the permanent installation on the wall or the ceiling is not always possible. We have listened to the requests of our customers and designed a projection screen of high quality on a stable stand. Projection screen in the working position is completely stable and transportable, thanks to the superbly built stand and quality wheels. Stand is made of quality oval tubes, and it stands on the wheels of 75 mm. Stand is also equipped with gas spring which prevents damage due to sudden drop of the upper tube. Slope corrector allows horizontal inclination of the upper screen position by 45 cm.

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