Quality meets value in this popular range. SystemFile delivers a significant choice of dimensions, so you can choose the best option for your workspace.


From drawers to cupboards, tambour doors to combination units, the SystemFile range fits the needs of the modern office. The most frequently specified products are featured here. All internal fittings need to be ordered separately.



High density drawers perfect for suspension, box and lever arch filing. Individual locking available for added security. Ideal for all types of storage, from personal storage to office filing. There are a range of height and widths of cabinet available as standard so an ideal home can be found for everything. Adjustable levelling feet fitted as standard to ensure a consistent surface on any floor.

Two Drawer unit

Two filing drawer cabinet is ideal to be positioned at the end of a desk. Accessories can be ordered separately. Available in 2 widths.

Three drawer unit

Three drawer cabinet is ideal for standing-height islands. Available in 2 widths.

Four Drawer unit

Four drawers are ideal for space division in an open environment suiting naturally with screen heights. Available in 2 widths.



A two-door cupboard made versatile by the large variety of internal options available, including shelving, from fitted, roll-out and lateral rails to pigeon hole sets and coat rails. The ventilated door option is ideal for coat storage.

Two-door unit

Available in 2 widths and 8 heights, with levelling feet as standard.



With fully retracting shutter doors, making this lockable cabinet perfect for small spaces and walkways. The cabinets are available either as a 800 wide single shutter opening or a double shutter in 1000 or 1200 wide. All width options come in 8 different heights, meaning that it has a variety of location options within an office space. The variety of available internal options vary from roll-out and lateralfile shelving to pigeon hole sets and shelf dividers. Each unit has levelling feet to improve function on any surface.

Single shutter Tambour Door unit

Fully retractable single shutter door and an extensive range of internal options. Available as 800 wide and in 8 heights.

Double shutter Tambour door unit

Fully retractable shutter doors and an extensive range of internal options Available as both a 1000 and 1200 wide and in 8 heights.



Combination units are the perfect solution for all combined storage needs. Either specified to your particular needs, or chosen from a selection of most frequently specified options, everything can be catered for. Options such as tambour doors, flippers (ideal for binders and box files), drawers (ideal for suspension filing) and cupboards (ideal for shelves and filing frames) makes this a versatile unit with locking doors for added security. Allowing for all personal and office storage to be homed.

Combination units

Can be specified in a variety of combination options, available as 800 or 1000 wide with 5 height options. Don’t forget to order appropriate internals separately.

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