SPOSCLOUD is an easy to use reporting solution that gives owners of retail and hospitality businesses up to date and
accurate information that is based on real-time sales data from their Sharp EPOS Terminals.
Suitable for a wide range of users from a single site up to a large multi-site operation, it requires zero maintenance and
gives a wide variety of different reports to aid with the smooth running of a business.
Working seamlessly with the latest versions of Sharp POS Software, SPOS CLOUD is a easy to deploy solution and is an
indispensable business tool for every retail and hospitality business.

Feature Rich and Easy to Use
Save cost – No costly IT Infrastructure required, data is hosted securely using the latest Cloud Computing technology and only requires an unfiltered internet connection.
Real-time access – Access sales data on the go at anytime via any internet connected
smartphone, tablet or computer.
Understand your business – sales trends are clearly shown visually with easy to view pie
charts or bar charts.

Ease of analysis – periods can be consolidated to show sales information on a daily, weekly,
monthly, quarterly, annually or on a custom basis.
Speedy Reporting – The database structure has been optimised for speed of reporting, even
when viewing a large volume of historical data.

Easy to view individual sales data which is summarised concisely with key performance indicators that
can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Some of the key indicators include:
• Number of transaction
• Product Quantity
• Gross Value
• Number of discounts
• Discount amounts
• VAT amounts

The structure and flexibility of SPOSCLOUD makes it ideal for retail or hospitality businesses of any size and also for single or multi-site operations.
The User Interface makes it easy to view data on various levels, such as individual tills, branch and regional level data. Thanks to the quick SQL database, data searches are quick with responsive.

SPOS Cloud – 5 simple benefits

1. Save time

Use SPOS Cloud’s Dashboard to get a quick and easy update on how your business is doing.

2. Control your business from afar

Sales data can be accessed from anywhere on any internet connected device.

3. Remotely react to changing product lines

Make changes to prices and product descriptions & update daily specials/promotions from the cloud.

4. Save money

Be more efficient with stock management – remotely manage and transfer stock between locations.

5. Minimise shrinkage

Remotely monitor refunds and void transactions.

Benefits to hospitality

  • Continue to provide your customers with the invaluable services and products that attract them to you!
  • Remain up and running! Minimise loss in revenue due to lockdown closures.
  • Focus on customer experience and safety rather than worrying about the sales side of the business
  • Get to know your customers better through the data our system provides
  • Major chains are investing in cloud-based apps – make sure your chain is keeping up to date with the latest solutions

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