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Retail scales designed for maximum durability. Power is provided via a solar battery and via dunes (electric generator). Ideal for markets.

Solar panel with high-density array of crystalline silicon cells brings high conversion efficiency of solar energy to the Solas. Solas is a commercial scale that does not require an external power supply or batteries.

In addition to the solar panel primary power source, the Solas can also run on power from its dynamo when required. (Pressing the platter charges the battery.)

  • Solar powered scale that does not require mains power or battery
  • Saves various prices per kg but not PLU names
  • The solar panel is made up from an array of crystalline silicon cells
  • The scale can be powered manually using a built in dynamo if required
  • Perfect for market stall traders as it doesn’t require mains power
  • Environmentally friendly & easy to transport

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