Silent and reliable, ECR7790 LD is the Olivetti cash register tailored for the retail market.

The large, lockable, robust cash drawer perfectly combines ergonomics and solidity with eight handy coins’ slots and four banknotes’ slots. The Olivetti ECR 7790 LD is a versatile cash register that is easy to setup and use, low-cost, with an elegant Italian design. It is perfect for retail shops such as convenience stores.

Designed to help your business grow, the ECR 7790LD is packed with 40 departments, up to 999 PLUs, 8 clerk codes and 4 payment methods. Scalable fonts reduce paper consumption, the drop-in loading system makes changing the thermal till roll simple and keeps cashiers happy. In a retail shop or cafe, the 7 direct department keys allow you to categorize your sales into product groups (eg. Hot Drinks, Sandwiches, Soft Drinks etc). In a barbers shop, each of the 7 direct department keys can be used for a particular staff member, so you can see end of day totals for each person.

A large keyboard permits an easy function location and the direct access to 40 departments makes item registration quick and easy.

  • Large, lockable cash drawer
  • Stock control and 3000-lines electronic journal
  • Memory protection with passwords and codes

The Olivetti 7790LD is packed with features and functions and can customised to suit every environment, here are a few of the common functions you can program

•Product Look ups – up to 500 can be named and set a default price
•Departments – up to 40 can be named on the machine (even having a default price if you want to use them like this
•Clerks / Cashiers – up to 8 can be set up
•foreign currencies – 4 different exchange rates can be set
•header – up to 6 lines of text
•footer – up to 4 lines of text
•ability to change to 3 decimal point format if required
•various customer receipt VAT summaries to suit every need
•extensive system options which can be amended to suit your needs

Open OLivetti ECR7790 LD brochure