The screen on which your projected image is shown can significantly enhance its clarity and quality. Obviously, there is little point in spending money on a good quality projector, only to have the sharpness of the picture let down by an inferior projection surface.
All projection screens utilise high quality curl resistant materials to ensure that your computer graphics, OHP or 35 mm slide images, and video pictures are shown to the very best effect. All of our screens have a 1.0 gain* factor which, combined with black coloured backs, is more than adequate for most applications. This is especially the case with the brighter light outputs of today’s projectors. However, high-gain screens can be supplied to special order. A distinguishing feature of our projection screens is the quality, both in style and construction, of the housing. Not only are they attractive to look at whether the screen is in use or not, they are also built to a high standard suitable for professional / commercial use, so ensuring that the casing as well as the screen mechanism will give you many years of reliable service.


The modern alternative to the traditional tripod screen
· Professional appearance and very easy to set-up
· Suitable for use on floor, stage or table top
· Will stand closer to the wall than a conventional
tripod screen, useful in restricted spaces.
· Strong extruded casing with integrated
carrying handle
· Screen support rod clips in place for carrying
· Screen height is adjustable
· Black border and base to screen area

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