Kobra FlexPack

Kobra FlexPack is the ideal ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material. There is no need to throw used cardboards to waste anymore.

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Pack your products with the cardboards you already have and protect your objects in the best, safest, cheapest way. Kobra FlexPack transforms used cardboard boxes into padded filling material and padding mats either as a packing/cushioning material or as a filling material. FlexPack simultaneously cuts and perforates cardboard and creates high-quality packaging material. This will help save cost, time and protects the environment.

Option available: complete dust collection system, model number DCS-500, to provide dust free padding mats.

Continuous duty shredding:
24 hour continuous duty operation without overheating and duty cycles.

Powerful high efficiency motor:
maximum electrical saving.

Steel cutting knives:
carbon hardened steel cutting knives.

Emergency stop switch:
stops immediately all machine functions.

Touch screen:
all controls are activated by simply touching the panel.

LED indicators:
clearly show the current status of the machine.

Exclusive Oil-free System:
no need of lubrication and maintenance of cutting knives.

Load Meter:
allows the operator to monitor and control the load on cutting knives during bulk and continuous shredding.

Environmentally friendly:
does not require plastic bags.

DCS-500 Dust Collection System (Optional)
Complete dust collection system to provide dust free padding mats for clean packagings.


Kobra Flexpack can be supplied, on request, with DCS-500 dust collection system to provide dust free padding mats for clean packagings.

Kobra FlexPack can process up to 3 layers of corrugated cardboard (depending on the thickness) into padding mats or compressed filling material for secure deliveries of difficult to pack and/or heavy items, replacing plastic packaging. Contact us today to find out more about this shredder. Why spend extra money when you don’t have to!

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