Space is often limited and printing solutions need to be extremely flexible in order to cater for all the different documents that are needed. Even though printing in A4 format is the standard, in many cases there are tasks that require A3 printing, scanning and copying too. But more often than not, companies simply do not have the space for a conventional A3 format multifunctional system. That is precisely why Toshiba developed the e-STUDIO2822 AM and e-STUDIO2822 AF – devices that offer an A4 footprint with A3 functionality

With a print speed of 28 pages per minute, their robustness and compact size, they fit into many work environments like start-up enterprises, back offices, or warehouses.

Why compromise? Now you can have A3 from an A4 footprint.

The ideal A4 model for those who do not want to miss the occasional A3 output, but are pressed for space. Print, scan and copy in A3 with our unique A4 model.
  •  The e-STUDIO2822 has a footprint equivalent to that of an A4 printer, but it is also able to print, scan and copy A3 formats.
  •  Via bypass feeding and the Automatic Document Feeder, you can switch effortlessly to the larger format when needed.
  •  With a print speed of 28 pagers per minute, its robustness and compact size, it fits into many work environments like start-up enterprises, back offices or even temporarily into warehouses.

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