Price computing electronic scales, with touch screen on vendor side and colour TFT display on buyer side, receipt or label printer, o double printer, and PC connection. D-957 is easy to use with high performance. They are also an excellent communication tool for the seller with the client due to the colour display on the buyer’s side.

The D-957 Hanging from Dibal is a Touch Screen RAM based weighing scales. It come as standard with a large 12″ touch screen, USB Ports, Cash Box Connection, 5v powered RS-232 port for barcode scanner & an Ethernet port (allowing the scales to be networked). The scales can store up to 10,000 PLU’s with 999 Direct Pre-Set Buttons in up to 20 sections giving you the option to setup the scales to your unique needs. There is a 12″ Rear Display which can show pictures / advertisements to your customers. Sales information can be backed up to a USB stick ensuring that you remain compliant with the new revenue laws requiring you to keep records without the need for a complete back office software programme. If you prefer you can link it back to DFS (Dibal Friendly Software) which will not only allow you to fully programme the scales but will also allow you to take detailed reports & export them in excel or other programmes such as your “Accounts programme” or “EPOS Cash Register.

The Dibal D-900 Series counter scales are the only electronic scales (no PC) on the market with a touch screen for vendor. These retail scales offer excellent features and are easy to use and intuitive. The D-900 scales can be connected to other scales, or to a PC to send and receive data and updates.

Both colour screens on vendor and buyer sides offer a high level of personalization: the screen on the buyer’s side is an excellent medium for communication via images (cross selling, special offers, etc.) for the point of sale.

Main characteristics

  • Touch screen scale with conventional electronics (no PC).
  • Models with receipt printer, label printer (suitable for receipts) or with 2 printers (for receipts and labels).
  • Variety of formats.
  • Modern, compact and easy to clean design.
  • More intuitive user menus.
  • More dynamic and stylish buyer screen as an advertising tool.
  • Configurable and customized flat vendor screen.
  • Compliance with UE Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.


  • Extensive information for each PLU: normal price and offer price, price for weight ranges and by kg/100 g, 3 names of 20 characters or 2 names of 30 characters, 20 free texts of 24 characters, 1 text of 3,000 characters (in D-955 and D-957), etc.
  • PLUs search by codes or name.
  • Access to all functions of the user and technical menus from the vendor screen (possibility of programming security passwords).
  • Customization of the screens:
    • Selection of the most frequent functions in “Favourites”.
    • Screen design with corporate colours and logos.
    • Allocation of independent direct keys by section and alphabetic order of the PLUs.
    • Preset keys for PLUs, sections and vendors, whereby the image, quantity and size can be configured.
  • Direct uploading of images from USB flash drive (8 bits bmp format without RLE compression).
  • Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time frames, last month, etc.), margins, balance available in the cash drawer, modified PLUs, etc.
  • Export of lists to USB flash drive (total sales: per employee, per payment method or per VAT rate).
  • Export of receipts to USB flash drive.
  • Cross selling: showing the picture of a complementary product on buyer display when selling a product.
  • Fast and reliable communication between scales, with PC and mobile devices (via DWS).
  • Stock management by article on the scale.
  • Option to record normal price and offer price for each article.
  • Warning of low level of labels in the scale.
  • Includes own Turnomatic, visible on the buyer´s display.

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