The CS200 Coin Sorter is specifically designed to sort and count mixed coins at speed, and can process up to 400 coins per minute.

Features of CS200

One touch operation

Electric power operation offers free hand counting capability by eliminating handle operation

More efficiency with Batch function

Each denomination can be batched and sorted. Efficiency can be improved by using optional accessories like coin bags and mini tubes

Sort by denomination in Mixture

A maximum of 8 different denominations are sorted into each plastic case automatically

Display Amounts & Count

Display amount and number of coins by each denomination. After the total calculation is completed, the total by coin denomination and the number of coins for each denomination will be shown on the operation panel.

When the mixed coins are put into the hopper of the machine, the steel disc spins clockwise to send the coins to the sensor. The sensor identifies the value of the coin, and then the disc continues to take the coin to its destination.

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