Interactive flatpanel mount BalanceBox® 400

The BalanceBox® 400 manual height adjustable mount is the perfect solution to move your touch screen up and down. The BalanceBox® 400 has a weight capacity up to 95 kg (209 lbs) and a compact design with a black textured finish that is hidden behind the screen.

Make a choice between a flat panel mount solution, a perfect solution for your wall in your classroom or conference room. Or select a flat panel mobile stand when it is more convenient to move your touchscreen from one room to another. Interface brackets for all screen sizes, a floor support and a mobile frame are available as accessories which you can find here.

New: x·line

BalanceBox® now introduces the x·line. A complete new line of mobile stands and accessories specifically designed for the corporate market, like conference rooms, offices and architectural projects. Truly unique because you can create your own style for your BalanceBox.

Features and benefits BalanceBox® 400

  • Ergonomics fast and effortless high-low adjustment
  • Manual no electric connection needed
  • Patented unique worldwide patented spring balance system
  • Compact design hidden behind the screen, black textured finish
  • Transport & Mounting easy to transport, easy to mount, easy to use for any touchscreen
  • Maintenance no maintenance required
  • Reliability 3 year warranty
  • Safety UL recognized & CE (UL-EN-ISO 60950)


Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless

BalanceBox® 400 behind

Hidden behind the screen

Balance Box

Choose your accessory

BalanceBox® 400 accessory

For any size display

BalanceBox® 400 -any size