The B-EP4D offers our best thermal printing innovations, wherever you are, right at your fingertips

The B-EP4D combines a very compact and solid body designed to resist the tough conditions of mobile use with a very efficient and fast print engine able to produce large size labels with minimum operations. The array of available options including multiple interfaces, the large media capacity, the easy operability, the advanced functions are some of the advantages that make the B-EP4D so simple to integrate into any type of mobile workflow.
  •  Solid, compact and modern design
  •  Fast and efficient on the spot labeling for a large array of applications
  •  Improved productivity thanks to large paper holding capacity
  •  Easy integration in mobile workflows with multiple connection interfaces
  •  Advanced LCD display screen with operator information

Toshiba B-EP4D – the best thermal printing innovations, wherever you are, right at your fingertips.

B-EP4D has been put with big printer technology into the smallest possible package. Perfect for labelling on the shop floor, printing prescriptions on hospital wards, issuing tickets in the street or barcoding in the warehouse.

Built on the success of the outstanding B-SP2D printer series, used by global customers like FedEx, the B-EP4D is compact and easy to carry weighing in at just 860g including battery.

The printers use a new 32-bit CPU processor which results in a class leading 4”/sec print speed and provides enough processing power to interface easily tethered or wireless to legacy IT systems. The B-EP4D label printer is Microsoft® Windows® compatible and feature a full range of communication interface versions including RS-232 Serial, Infrared (IrDA), USB 2.0, wireless LAN and Bluetooth®.

A new high capacity Lithium-Ion battery is part of the design which means longer battery life whilst keeping weight and size to a minimum. It has an internal fast charge circuit so that the printer can be quickly re-charged on the move. Optional power adapters include an AC adapter, 48V input DC adapter.

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