Fortishred™ 3250HS High-Security Shredder

The Fortishred 3250HS is an 0.8x5mm Crypto Cut shredder and provides powerful, high security shredding for 10+ users in a shared working environment where employees handle high confidential information on a regular basis, i.e. in government department or military installations. This model features a continuous duty motor, meaning that it can be used at any time, regardless of how many people have used it beforehand, so sensitive information can be destroyed as quickly as possible. It can shred up to 6 sheets of A4 paper and features a large 100 litre pull out waste bin.
  • Powerful shredder for highly confidential paper waste – for departmental use
  • Shreds 5-7 sheets per pass (70gsm) into 0.8x5mm particles (Security Level P-7), approximately 15,000 particles per A4 sheet
  • Sheet Capacity Sensor helps prevent paper jams by indicating sheet capacity levels during the shredding process
  • Electronically controlled shield stops shredder when opened for advanced safety.
  • Features 260mm paper entry plus continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding
  • 100 litre pull-out bin for easy emptying
The model also features a Sheet Capacity Sensor that will help prevent paper jams by indicating the sheet capacity levels during the shredder process, as well as an electronically controlled Safety Shield at the paper entry throat to keep fingers a safe distance from the cutters, while an auto-shut off feature powers down the machine after 30 minutes of inactivity for zero power consumption.
The Fortishred 3250HS will shred a single sheet of A4 paper into approximately 15,000 particles, making it perfect for all high volume and high security requirements.