AutoMax™ 200M Micro Cut Shredder

Automatic shredding using Sure Feed technology – just load the paper shredder, lock the lid and leave it to shred.

An essential shredder for a small or home office, the 200M auto feed paper shredder shreds 200 sheets per pass automatically into over 2000 2x14mm micro cut particles – 10 times smaller than cross cut.

Whilst ensuring your confidential documents are shredded into unreadable pieces, the 200M automatic paper shredder is also tough enough to cut through credit cards and staples.

This SOHO paper shredder has a long run time and will shred continuously for up to 12 minutes before requiring a 25 minute cool down period.

Built for quieter shredder performance, the 200M auto feed shredder features Silent Shred technology which minimises noise disruption in shared workspaces.

  • Automatic shredding for maximum productivity
  • 200-sheet automatic and 10-sheet manual shredding capacities (70gsm)
  • Shreds documents into 2x14mm micro-cut particles (DIN Level P-5) – that’s over 2000 particles per A4 sheet!
  • Shreds the capacity load in approximately 6 minutes
  • 32-litre pull-out waste bin that will need emptying less frequently than the cross-cut equivalent
  • Also shreds credit cards (manual feed) and staples
  • 2-year machine warranty and 7-year cutter warranty

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