Wrist Rest

The added cushioning of wrist rest for both keyboard use and mousing helps prevent wrist pain. Many wrist supports also include antimicrobial protection to help keep your workstation germ-free. Using a mouse and keyboard all day equates to a lot of wrist movement. Long periods of use can lead to painful aching wrists and long term injuries such as Repetitive Strain injury (RSI). A wrist support, mouse rest or arm rest may help reduce this.

A wrist rest, unlike a mouse pad, provides added comfort. Using innovative cushioning materials like Foam Fusion offers superior softness and support over traditional mouse pads. A well-made wrist support will also feature skid resistant backing so it stays secure while you mouse. The added benefit of antimicrobial protection prevents the spread of germs from regular contact.

There are also innovative new ideas in the development of wrist supports for the mouse. Palm glide supports move the pad as the hand moves with the mouse, offering aligned and on-going support and comfort whatever the position of your mousing hand. Gliding supports also have a V channel design which relieves wrist pressure at the point where carpal tunnel syndrome usually develops.

Ideally, the mouse should be as close to the keyboard as possible. You should never have to reach for your mouse. This unconscious gesture may cause pain in the arm and elbow over time. The closer your mouse is to your keyboard the better.

Keyboard wrist supports also use a similar Foam Fusion material to cushion wrists that are pressed against the base of a keyboard.

Supports for both your mouse and your keyboard are available in a variety of professional colors as well as other inspiring designs.