Keg scales

Your tired of the “shake and guess” method of trying to determine how much beer is in a keg. Use our keg scales to weigh beer kegs and eliminate the guesswork. Weighing beer kegs allows managers to accurately track draft beer usage. When compared to draft beer sales from your cash register or POS system, managers can easily determine the amount of beer poured that wasn’t sold.

Our keg scales are made in Ireland. It weighs in the “drinking pints” and is accurate to one pint. The scales requires no power or no lifting of the keg to work. There is a tare function to take into account the weight of both the empty keg & tap head. The head can be removed from the stand for easy storage.  See the specification tab for more details.

The DKS-P is made here in Ireland. It was designed to be ultra-portable and weigh in drinking pints. The housing is made from steel with space inside for the indicator to slide into for transport or storage. There are 3 feet on the underside meaning the scales can be used on uneven ground.

By determining exactly how much beer has been served each day, this keg scale can help you better control bartender giveaways, cash skimming, costly over-pouring, and on-the-job consumption.