Impact Printers

All our impact printers offer reliable paper handling and easy loading of media for multi-ply printing. Printers are available as small footprint desktop units or ultra-compact palm-sized devices.

CBM-910II – High speed, LCD control POS printing

The CBM910II is one of the smallest POS printers available. Fitting into the palm of your hand, this proven and reliable serial dot matrix printer is ideal for bankcard, POS and coin counting applications. Built for a long trouble-free life, with a MCBF of at least 1.5 million lines, the capability of bit image graphics printing and a memory switch, the CBM910II offers a versatile, cost effective and compact solution.

CBM-920II – Panel mounted impact printing

The CBM920II is built for panel mounting. The machine also incorporates specialised auto loading and a paper end sensor for optimum efficiency.