OKI Photocopiers

OKI’s history of producing award winning products and developing exciting new print technologies has helped it to become one of Europe’s leading independent printer brands. OKI photocopiers feature OKI’s award winning LED printer technology which outperforms traditional standard laser print technology. Unlike laser printers, OKI’s LED printers feature no moving parts within the LED mechanism, making them far more reliable than traditional laser printers.

OKI have designed it’s printers to be intelligent, cost-effective, environmentally friendly whilst ensuring print speeds are kept high. OKI’s vision is to bring high quality printing to a wider range of businesses. The multifunction (all-in-one) style models are capable of printing both colour and mono documents, scanning and faxing without compromising print costs, speed or quality. All this is backed up by OKI’s continued, impressive showing of industry awards.

The machine you need depends on a number of factors such as the volume of copies to be made and other tasks required. For personal copies with a fast speed, a basic laser printer may be all you need. For your personal office, a multi-function printer that can copy, fax, scan, and make colour copies can provide you with options.

For the more serious copying needs of a small business, a professional photocopier is necessary. If you only need to make copies, a standalone copier  with colour and black and white copies is a good fit. For more advanced jobs, such as binding or stapling, a copier with a finisher is a great choice.

All OKI photocopiers from the single function range are also available in a multifunction version, providing the options of scan, copy and even fax functions to suit any business size. Helping to further save on running costs, space and capital expenditure, any business can optimise it’s management of print communications with a multifunction OKI printer.