Cardboard Shredders – Recycling

Eco-friendly recycling cardboard shredders. Transforms used cardboard boxes into free packaging material suitable for filling of packs and making the delivery of the products safe. FlexPack cuts and perforates cardboard simultaneously, creating high quality packaging material. Protects the environment and helps to save time and money.

Kobra FlexPack is a perfect eco-friendly and economical solutions for packaging materials. You don’t have to throw away the used cardboard boxes. FlexPack has adjustable working width with scale which enables the user to optimize  the packaging materials measure.

What’s more, it has a big and comfortable support table which enables easy operation of the shredder.  It makes the best and the most convenient place to go with the preparation of the goods for delivery and storing of the goods.

Kobra FlexPack has multifunctional Touch Screnn – the latest most advanced technology on the market today.