Document Scanners

Document scanners from Epson are ideal for all of your office or home office scanning needs.

No matter your business size, a document scanner gives important documents another level of security and protection.
Storing paper documents is costly and a potential security risk, so it’s a good idea to move your documents to a digital format.
Document scanners convert important documents into digital data, but different document scanner types may be better for certain businesses.
This article is for small business owners interested in using a document scanner to digitize their paperwork.

Whether you’re working from home, helping your in-laws archive their family photos, or just trying to turn your stack of receipts and bills into zero-footprint digital files, a document scanner is a great way to save and share files quickly. But not every scanner is right for every task. Some are huge machines made to scan up to 4,000 pages a day. Others are foot-long devices you can store on your desk for quick scans when the need arises. Some are flatbed scanners, others have automatic feeds.

Not all office scanners are the same. See why Epson continues to disrupt the industry with our latest line-up of high-performance scanners to become one of the fastest growing scanner brands. Epson Document Scanning devices were designed from the ground-up with 24/7 reliability in mind. And with thousands of systems already in operation — they’re proven in the real world.

Mobile Scanners
Small, light and portable scanners
Ideal for: Work from home and field offices

Desktop Scanners
High-speed scanners with network connectivity
Ideal for: Finance, Government, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Businesses and more

Flatbed Scanners
Versatile document scanning with options for large-format support
Ideal for: Engineering, Government, Archival Services