Desk Storage Furniture

It’s easier to be productive when everything you need is to hand. The storage you have at your desk matters. Bisley’s desk storage furniture include innovative twists on office classics such as towers that can extend your workspace and provide privacy, to more specialist solutions like compact mobile units that move with you from desk to desk.

Everyone is different – and so is what they store in and around their desks. Our pedestals range from under-desk drawer space, to pull-out storage that extends the work surface. They’re the simple way to keep desks clutter-free.

A clever twist on the standard pedestal, the Bite wraps neatly over and under bench desking systems and single workstations. Space-efficient and mobile, it’s ideal for personal storage in a hot-desking environment.

The Caddy by Bisley is the perfect solution for secure mobile storage. Both functional and versatile, the Caddy can be conveniently positioned under a desk, against a wall or used to create space division within an office.

Towers sit at the end of the desk to give you ample, secure storage within easy reach. Available in multiple heights, they’re ideal for large binders, suspension filing, stationery, personal belongings and more.

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