Acoustic Pod

The Acoustic Pod range was designed to address two core issues relating to open plan environments. Firstly, the need for acoustic privacy and secondly, the need for internal rooms within the work space. Each Acoustic Pod is highly ergonomic and functional, packed with the latest technology when you need to stay connected.

Acoustic Pods are a compact soundproof workspace with huge benefits;
Equipped with lighting and a ventilation system which is activated by a movement sensor, pods are fitted with AH Meyer Power sockets, RJ45 Data plugs and USB charging ensuring optimal power and connectivity. Ideal for uninterrupted work, holding discussions, making important phone calls, and running teleconferences.

When you need to work with maximum focus and minimal distraction, Go Acoustic Pods are ideal for uninterrupted work, holding discussions, making important calls and teleconferences.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – Sensor based on-off switch activates led lighting and ventilation fan helps to conserve energy.

HIGH ACOUSTIC RATING – Beautifully designed using carefully selected materials with best absorption and isolation performance. Acoustic Test Certificates: TUV – 32 dB / NIC

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Flat packed for ease of delivery and installation.

RETRACTABLE & PORTABLE – Fitted with integrated ball bearings, allowing pods to be easily repositioned
into desired locations after assembly. (Except ENGAGE Meeting Pod)

HIGHEST QUALITY – Sophisticated automation machinery ensures consistency of quality, while robust construction using galvanised materials, create products of the finest quality.

COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE – Work comfortably in a well-ventilated space with great acoustic properties.

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