Interactive classroom projector – Enhanced Learning with Smart Interactivity for Tomorrow’s Classrooms

Futureproof BenQ Interactive Classroom Projector empower collaborative learning with pen or touch annotation and short / ultra-short throw projection based on brilliant laser or lamp light sources.

BenQ projectors’ wide zoom range and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems can perfectly align images in any venue with challenging conditions such as when lights or vents are located at the ceiling mounting site without sacrificing image quality. The big zoom feature offers a wide range of throw distance to significantly increase installation flexibility for diverse mounting options in various public display scenarios.

Projecting images onto any flat surface, the PointWrite™ module allows multiple students to share, write, and annotate directly onto a desk or table at the same time. Eliminating the need for expensive digital whiteboards or additional equipment, PointWrite™ creates vast new opportunities for interactivity in the modern digital classroom. In addition to multi-user capability, two PointWrite™ projectors can be used to double the projection surface, and with QWrite Whiteboard Mode, teachers can run different applications or display, view, and annotate across two monitors.

Severe dusty environments can damage sensitive electronics. To enhance durability and reliability of BenQ projectors and minimize service costs and downtime, brand-new BenQ Dust GuardTM technology incorporates the latest sealed optical engine design, color wheel sensor, and high-performance dust filters to block out up to 99% of dust and particles, further fortifying BenQ education projectors with at least an IP5X-level protection.

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