Protouch interactive display

Protouch is a great solution for your business. Protouch interactive display is designed for professional applications and continuous use. The touchscreens are easy to integrate. New AV systems are much more efficient than previous generations. Technology is easier to install,
often more compact and available at lower prices.

ProTouch is a series of  interactive screens, equipped with everything that’s needed: high quality panel with UHD resolution,
Android system with useful apps, slot for a built-in computer and a set of ports that allow user to connect external device like computers or cameras.
The series will be a perfect fit for education where it will become a multimedia learning centre in every classroom, allowing more interaction with educational content. It will also be a useful replacement for a regular TV or projector in a conference room, allowing more effective meetings and sharing of ideas.

If your AV equipment is several years old, are you truly taking advantage of the latest possibilities for your business needs? Collaborative technology for white boarding and wireless sharing offers expanded capabilities, including video and audio conferencing without a PC. The next great solution for your company’s collaboration requirements may already exist. Much of the value in a refresh is in revisiting all your present business challenges and determining if replacing old technology can make for a better user experience while reducing the complexity of your environment. Assessing AV infrastructure can be overwhelming for non-experts, which is why companies across industries rely on our team of qualified engineers to provide subject matter expertise and build audiovisual solutions tailored to resolve their IT pain points.

Protouch interactive boards has everything you need in a organisation or company.