Interactive AV Equipment

At the core of Cusken is our desire to bring best solutions and business partners together in a cost-effective and efficient way. Being an independent and impartial equipment supplier, our approach to business ensures that your interests are always the driving factor behind any project. The audiovisual ( Interactive AV) technology in your office space has the power to transform your business. Many companies and schools have turned to AV solution providers to take their processes and connectivity to the next level with the latest functionality and features. As with all technology, however, eventually certain aspects will become outdated or obsolete.

A technology refresh—as part of a planned cycle for evaluating and replacing key components of your AV infrastructure—is an essential consideration, allowing companies to audit existing infrastructure while actively working toward improvements and maintenance. As the name implies, refreshing technology systems maintains an invigorated and healthy environment. Employees and guests will appreciate a better user experience, allowing for better collaboration and information sharing.

Check out our interactive AV equipment options here:

Interactive boards – Choose your interactive board from leading brands in interactive industry ProTouch and Promethean.

Presentation – We can help you improve you presentation experience by supplying you with our amazing products.

Projectors – Choose from our range of leading projectors, specific for your needs. From home use to professional projector, we cover all!

Stand, trolley, mount – Get the most out of your display by using our stand, trolley or mount. You can modify the use of screen specifically for our space.