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Height adjustable deskAverage office day includes at least 7 hours of sitting at your office desk. The modern workday has many bad effects on our health but what about efficiency? Are we keeping the same efficiency of the work throughout the day? If somebody told you that making one simple change to your work habits could increase your productivity by almost 50%, you’d probably be more than a little sceptical. Let’s talk height adjustable desk.

The beginning?
Like ride-sharing apps, smartphones, and streaming services, standing desks are a trend that started in Silicon Valley and has spread throughout the world. Companies like Facebook and Google have provided standing desks for their employees for years now. Facebook employees were singing the praises of standing desks back in 2011. The numbers supporting the positive impact standing desks have on productivity are impressive. That’s because there are multiple different physical and psychological benefits of using a standing desk that each contributes to the overall increase in productivity.

Brae Lite – Home Office Sit Stand Desk

Sit or Stand? Why not both?
Standing stimulates circulation, which sends more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. Sitting, on the other hand, inhibits circulation and starts negatively impacting your blood flow in as few as 10 minutes. Physical movement also encourages neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells), specifically in the regions of the brain associated with critical thinking. While 10 minutes of sitting can negatively impact your circulation, 10 minutes of standing is all it takes to increase focus. 71% of employees who reduced their sitting time by just one hour a day reported improved mental focus throughout the day. When you’re more focused, you’re able to work more efficiently and get more done.

Research by Vincent Walsh, Professor of Human Brain Research at University College London (UCL)
During the five days, the workers were asked to use sit-stand platforms instead of their usual static desks. The workers were asked to carry out the tasks twice: once at the start of the five-day trial, and again at the end.
“Our research revealed that workers using sit stand desk were twice as competent in their decision-making skills, and their language-based problem skills improved by 64%. They also completed tasks measuring concentration and vigilance 10% faster and made 45% fewer mistakes. Their creativity also improved by 28%.”

“This new research shows that enabling your workforce to decide what work to do, where, and when – with maximum flexibility, promoting movement and good postures, produces a significantly happier, healthier and ultimately a more productive workforce.”

Return of Investment
Thanks to the bump in employee productivity (in addition to improved employee health and well-being), companies stand to earn $3-7 return on investment for every $1 spent on sit-stand office furniture. The numbers just don’t lie. Standing and moving in small bursts throughout the day increases overall energy levels. 87% of employees using standing desks reported feeling more energetic as a result of standing more during the workday. Standing helps keep energy levels stable, preventing the mid-afternoon slump. Being on your feet also increases alertness, which aids focus and concentration.

Hope this brings clarity why sit stand desk is a great option for every office, from a home office to a busy work environment. If you are interested in more benefits of a height adjustable desk why not check our blog where we included, the health benefits as well. – Benefits of using Sit Stand Desk
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