Think greenEco-friendly products promote green office and home that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water, and noise pollution. Being eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important. We are all witnessing environmental changes and it is crucial to start implementing new ways of doing business. It is time to change the way we think and bring the game to the next level.  

There’s no legal requirement for you to purchase sustainably, or to buy sustainable goods and services, but it could help you to: 

  • reduce your impact on the environment 
  • address social issues and improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities 
  • improve your business’ reputation 
  • save money over the life of a product or service. 

That is why we have created a list of our eco-friendly products that save resources but bring value to your new and improved green office


Green Toshiba Photocopiers 

E-STUDIO5008LPToshiba’s hybrid technology combines conventional printing with erasable printing which allows you to reuse paper over and over again. One single device which easily connects, integrates, and simplifies your workflows — and also helps to save valuable resources. 

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Reuse Photocopier/printer 

Instead of buying a new machine why not rent an already used device, save production resources and your money too. We offer 2 options: Roll IN and Ex-demo. 

Roll IN 

Our agreements are simple, so why own your print equipment, when it is better for you to pay for what you print with our Roll IN.  

By working with Cusken and Toshiba Roll-IN you will have:   

  • The flexibility to change your machines in line with your changing needs – no long-term leases   
  • Toshiba Roll-IN is ideal for today’s business – no need for “any” capital expenditure.   
  • All delivered with a highly professional aftersales support network, personal service   
  • All toners and servicing included   
  • A business partner that’s focused on the long term and building excellent business relationships   
  • An agreement built on “YOUR” terms to suit “YOUR” needs     
  • And is very tax-efficient   

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Ex-Demo allows you to have the best equipment for your requirement without the need to commit to an unwanted Agreement. Top brands in the printing industry are now available at the minimum cost. Choose one of our high-quality machines and stop worrying about your print situation. 

  • Save up to 70% of RRP 
  • Full 12 to 36 months warranty 
  • Leasing available 
  • Very low print volume 

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Cardboard Shredders 

Kobra Flexpack

Eco-friendly recycling cardboard shredders. Transforms used cardboard boxes into free packaging material suitable for filling packs and making the delivery of the products safe. FlexPack cuts and perforates cardboard simultaneously, creating high-quality packaging material. Protects the environment and helps to save time and money. 

Kobra FlexPack is a perfect eco-friendly and economical solution for packaging materials. You don’t have to throw away the used cardboard boxes. FlexPack has adjustable working width with a scale which enables the user to optimize the packaging materials measure. 

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Solar Scale

Digi Solas scale


Retail scales designed for maximum durability. Power is provided via a solar battery and via dunes (electric generator). Solar panel with high-density array of crystalline silicon cells brings high conversion efficiency of solar energy to the Solas. Solas is a commercial scale that does not require an external power supply or batteries.

In addition to the solar panel primary power source, the Solas can also run on power from its dynamo when required. (Pressing the platter charges the battery.)

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Hope this list of suggestions will help you make your decision to upgrade to a green office. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly team of experts. It doesn’t cost to talk!  Contact us