The average person spends 90% of their time indoors with a significant portion of that time spent at work, typically in an office environment. Because of how much time we spend in our work environments, the quality of our surroundings can have an impact on our wellbeing. Work and well-being go hand-in-hand at the office—if worker health is not at an optimal level, then productivity won’t be either. The solution could be ergonomic furniture!

Doing what we can to shift our office environments consciously toward a healthier setting can improve employee health and wellbeing, in turn, increasing and maintaining productivity while reducing absenteeism. 

Our environments have an impact on our well-being and productivity. Environments can either support and enhance our well-being and productivity, or they can detract from them. This is true of all environments, including offices. Employers wanting to provide a better work environment for their employees should examine how their office design, layout, and equipment may be impacting wellbeing and productivity. 

To better understand how to create an office environment that’s more conducive to employee wellbeing and productivity, we need to examine the different aspects involved in office design. 


Is your office furniture causing low productivity? 

Apart from the visual appeal of office furniture, perhaps the most integral aspect of office furniture design that affects workplace performance is its comfort. Most office workers are likely to spend 7-8 hours every day at their workplace on most days of the week. And if the space in which you are spending 1/3rd of your day is not comfortable, then it is likely to have a physical and mental impact on you. 

Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours a day. How would you feel after the first two hours of your day? Tired? Uncomfortable? Uneasy? Now think again of how you would feel at the end of eight hours? Exhausted? Frustrated? 

Exactly. When you continue to spend hours in an uncomfortable office setting, it takes a toll on you physically and mentally, negatively affecting your workplace performance. When you continue to spend days in inappropriate furniture that’s not ergonomically designed, you are likely to experience several health problems, including backache, neck and shoulder pain, and aches and pains in different parts of your body. Moreover, you are also likely to experience reduced blood circulation, leading to problems, such as numbness and more serious health concerns, including cardiovascular diseases. 


The desk and chair, are your most important investment! 

Office employees tend to spend long working hours at their desks, and that’s why both the desk and the chair become extremely important when it comes to pieces of furniture that affect your work performance. Sit & stand

An ergonomic office chair is specifically designed to provide support and comfort to strained areas during the sitting position. An ergonomic office chair comes with adequate support for the back, neck, arms, and hips, which plays an integral role in preventing musculoskeletal disorders. And when you feel better, you concentrate on your tasks in a much better way that boosts your workplace performance and productivity. 

Apart from the chair, your desk is the next most critical piece of furniture that can impact workplace performance and productivity. In addition to ergonomically designed chairs, height-adjustable desks can also boost your workplace performance and productivity. 

When you invest in a height-adjustable desk for your employees, it allows them to sit or stand at your convenience and better concentrate on the task at hand. Moreover, height-adjustable desks are better for health than fixed desks because standing is healthier than sitting. It can significantly reduce your risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health concerns, such as metabolic disorders that are associated with prolonged sitting. 

Furthermore, in addition to being able to adjust the height that best suits the needs of every individual at work, height-adjustable desks are a great tool for helping employees create a comfortable and supportive workstation that’s specifically tailored to them, the benefits of which extend to enhanced workplace performance and productivity. 

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Design is important too! 

CoDenUnappealing office furniture may seem like a design aspect that won’t impact employees’ performance. However, there is a strong correlation between workplace performance and productivity with working conditions in the office. From building structure to furniture and even fittings can impact the employees’ physical and mental health needs. When employees work in a physical space with unappealing and boring furniture, it reduces their productivity and makes them lazy. Moreover, it also impacts the mental well-being of the employees as they tend to be more irritated due to their inability to concentrate and complete tasks in time. Furthermore, when employees continue to be surrounded by furniture that’s unappealing and boring, they may also tend to lose interest in work, which can significantly negatively impact employees’ productivity and work performance. 

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Think about the air! 

Air quality refers to air that supports health, comfort, and productivity in an indoor environment. Good indoor airhepa air purifiers quality is achieved when ventilation systems prevent outdoor pollutants from circulating indoors where workers can breathe them in. Poor indoor air quality causes symptoms like eye, nose, and throat irritations, headaches, and fatigue. When workers experience symptoms like these, their health declines, and productivity drops.

Research has shown the link between good indoor air quality and human health and productivity. While good indoor air quality is highly dependent on the mechanical ventilation system of the building, it can also be improved with products. Air purifiers can help filter indoor air and enhance its quality for occupants. 

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Don’t forget about the storage! 

Office furniture that allows you to organize your office supplies and keep things in place can improve productivity. However, if your office furniture is such that it doesn’t provide enough space for storage, then it can lead to stress, which, in turn, will negatively affect your productivity and workplace performance. Opting for office furniture that allows enough storage and keeping items handy will speed up the tasks and positively contribute to workplace performance. 

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