Every year, for almost 34 years, we have visited our customers and friends during the festive season for a bit of craic and chat, our favourite part of the year. But 2020 had different plans.   

As a little wise girl said: We are not in the Same Boat.  Same Sea , Different Boats”. 

So many people had it so hard, losing loved ones, losing their jobs, their businesses and for some just losing hope.  

So that is why we have decided on behalf of our customers & friends to give to the ones that needs a little help  . To celebrate Christmas this year we are on behalf of our customers to donating €5,000 to 5 worthy Charities. Each of the following five Charities will receive on behalf for our customers a gift of €1,000.00 each. 

Rape Crisis Centre   •   Women’s Aid   •  St. Vincent de Paul   •   Simon     Maria Goretti Foundation. 

I hope you all have a “CRACKER” of a Christmas and an “ELF” of a time. 

Hugs may not be plentiful this year , so Smiles, LOVE and Laughter is the order of the Season, and PLENTY & PLENTY of it .