Oscar protection screenProtect your staff and yourself with the quality & stylish OSCAR GLASS & STEEL Irish Manufactured Cough & Sneeze protection screen and at a very reasonable price.

Some viruses, including COVID-19, can be transmitted by contact.

Many people, particularly nursing staff, cashiers, shopkeepers, but also law enforcement, firefighters, garage owners and some craftsmen, are today potentially confronted with COVID-19.

Barrier gestures are not necessarily easy to apply, especially in places welcoming the public and therefore with people likely to be carriers of viruses.

These solutions can protect all people in contact with public. They also help reduce the spread of viruses.

Cough & Sneeze screens

• Front and side panels available

• 800mm high from your desk surface

• 1200mm side screens giving you an EXTRA 400mm overhang side protection

• 6.4mm Clear or Opaque Safety GLASS with polished edges

• Stylish brushed steel posts

• Fits most sizes of standard desking

• Fitting service

These have been designed and manufactured for the Corona-virus and offer a quick and easy way to protect your staff from possible contamination when talking to customers or clients.

OSCAR  protection screen is not just for now, it could be for a “LIFE”.

Open protection screen OSCAR brochure

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